Updates, Clarifications, and Corrections

Notable changes are highlighted in yellow for approximately 1 month.

Retreatment Box (Summary). Recommendations for Patients in Whom Previous PEG/RBV Treatment Has Failed

For patients with genotype 1 HCV and prior PEG/RBV failure the treatment duration of PEG/RBV in the alternate regimen SMV/PEG/RBV has been corrected to 48 weeks; for patients with genotype 4 HCV and prior PEG/RBV failure, SOF +RBV x 24 weeks was corrected to be listed as an alternative regimen and SMV/ PEG/RBV was removed as an alternative; for patients with genotype 5 or 6 HCV the incorrect listing of SOF/RBV as an alternative regimen was removed.

For patients with prior PEG/RBV/HCV protease inhibitor failure, this portion of the box was reformatted for clarity and alternative regimens by IFN eligibility have been listed.

Retreatment of Persons in Whom Prior Therapy Has Failed

1, Genotype 1. The recommended regimen for prior failures of PEG/RBV/HCV protease inhibitor regimens was added for clarity; the alternative regimen; the alternative regimen (and supporting text) for IFN ineligible patients was added.

Unique Patient Populations: HIV/HCV Coinfection Summary

Tipranavir (as described in the text) was added to the table of not allowable with SOF use.

Friday, March 21, 2014